$15 for a set of wheels!! really!

here is a link to our instagram post:

***HUGE CONTEST** We are doing a contest for all the Wheeldude IG followers! We are raffling off a set of Rota wheels. We will have a 5×100 and a 5×114 and 5×108 rs and st fitment for the winner to pick from. Raffle tickets cost $15 and is limited to two tickets per customer. We have a limited number of tickets set to 75! Payment needs to be sent via PayPal to sales@wheeldude.com please put a not with you first and last name along with email and phone number! We have ticket numbers for both you and us! On Sunday 11/13/17 we will be on IG live to pull the winning ticket! Ticket will be in a box and one ticket will be pulled. After the live drawing a picture of the winning ticket will be posted. To enter please send payment as friends and family so no fee is given. Please give us time to send you an email with you ticket and number! If we don’t get the 75 tickets we will extend the raffle for another 2 days. At that point if we don’t sell the 75 needed tickets we will refund all PayPal payments to customers! We have the following wheels .winner can pick from!
Rota Grid 17×9+42 5×100 Gold

Rota KB-R 18×9.5+38 5×108 hyper black

Rota Roku 18×8.5+44 5×100 hyper black

Rota strike 18×9.5+38 5×100 flat black

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