End of Month Sale - September - $750 shipped

Hi Guys we have been blessed w/ some awesome pricing on a few wheels, we are passing the savings over. Here they are:

ROKU 18×8.5 e44 5X100/114.3 73 Flat Black, Gold

more pix @ https://dudesphotography.smugmug.com/Wheels/18×85-Rota-Roku-Flat-Black/

ROKU 18×9.5 e38 5X100/114.3 73 , Hyper Black

ROKU 18×9.5 e38 5X108/114.3 73 GRAY Gunmetal

SS10 18×8.5 e44 5X114.3 73 White

SS10 18×9.5 e38 5X100 73 Hyper Black, White

Strike 18×9.5 e38 5×114.3 73 Hyper Black

Wheels listed above are $750 shipped to you ’til the end of the month.

Please contact us at sales@wheeldude.com or via text at (510) 969-9529.

***Sales expires end of the month.

New wheels soon!

- Wheeldude Team!

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