18×9.5 HG5 in Hyper Black on the Dude’s Bugeye

Owner: The Dude
Car: 2002 Subaru Impreza WRX
Wheels: 18×9.5 Rota HG5 - (5×100/e38/73) in Hyper Black
Tire Size: 225/40/18 Dunlop
Suspension: JIC Magic Coilovers

We got the Dude’s bugeye on the new Hyper Black HG5. First few sets just arrived. Be sure to grab your set!

Available in different fitments and a huge variety of finishes. For any questions, please send us an email at sales@wheeldude.com.

Subaru WRX Wheels

18×8.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+44)

18×8.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+44)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+38)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+38)

FR-S, FT-86 and BRZ Wheels

18×8.5/9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+44F/+38R)

18×8.5/9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+44F/+38R)

Subaru STi Wheels

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X114.3/+35)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X114.3/+35)

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