Sophia’s IS250 on Satin Black Linea Corse LC888

Owner: Sophia
Car: Lexus IS250
Wheels: 19×8.5/10 Linea Corse LC888 - Satin Black (5×114.3 +30+38/73)
Tires: 235/35/19 Front; 265/30/19 Rear

We can’t believe it’s been almost two years since the Linea Corse LC888’s were unveiled at SEMA 2012. We’ve seen these wheels on countless Lexus and BMW’s but every time we see them mounted on a car, we still get that feeling of excitement.

Installed on Sophia’s Lexus IS250 is the Satin Black LC888 in 19×8.5/10 wrapped in 235/35/19 Front and 265/30/19 Rear tires. Watch out because Sophia’s Lexus will be back on our site to showcase more of our Lexus wheels.

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