Throwback Thursday - Zoeb’s E92 M3 on 19×9.5/19×11 Satin Black LC818’s

Owner: Zoeb
Car: 2008 E92 M3
Wheels: 19×9.5 / 19×11 +25/+25 Linea Corse LC818 5×120 - Satin Black
Tire Size: 245/35/19 Front; 275/35/19 Rear

Zoeb had these wheels put on his car as soon as we received the first batch of LC818’s in M3 fitment. It also happened that the warehouse beside ours was empty, and it was the perfect place to do a quick shoot. The 19×9.5/19×11 fitment definitely fills up the wide fenders of the M3. Perfect for those of you going for that aggressive look! You can now rock the same set up since we just restocked these wheels.

Click here to see more of Zoeb’s super aggressive M3.

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