Zoeb’s 5:30AM photoshoot of the 350z on 19×9.5/10.5 Grids with 247media.org

Owner: Zoeb of Wheeldude.com
Car: 2004 Nissan 350z
Wheels: 19×9.5/10.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Silver w/ Polish Lip (5×114/e15F,e15R)
Tires: 245/35/19 front and 265/35/19 rear Michelin Pilot Sports
Suspension: Megan Coilovers

Zoeb’s at it again! He recently put these new Grid sizes on his car, 19×9.5/10.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Silver w/ Polish Lip, these will be available for purchase soon. The nice drop from the Megan coilovers helped give his Z the look and performance he wanted. Also this is the first shoot of many for this particular vehicle, so keep an eye out for what’s his next setup going to be!

Thanks for the photos, Ryan @ 247media.org

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