New Rota Wheels Added for Honda/Acura Vehicles

We’re currently in the process of adding more available fitments and wheel styles for you 4×100 Honda/Acura owners. Hey, we changed our shop’s name to “Wheeldude” for a reason. We’ve got a little something for everyone! If you see any Rota wheel style or fitment on the internet, feel free to give us a holler at 510-651-2956. We’re pretty sure we can get ‘em for you. For now, we’ve restocked on the following:

16×7 Rota Circuit 10 - White (4×100/e45/67.1)

15×6.5 Rota Circuit 8 - Bronze (8×100/e38/67.1)

15×6.5 Rota Circuit 8 - Full Royal Sports Bronze(8×100/e38/67.1)

15×6.5 Rota Circuit 8 - White (8×100/e38/67.1)

16×7 Rota Circuit 8 - Bronze (8×100/e40/73)

16×7 Rota Circuit 8 - Full Royal Sports Bronze(8×100/e40/73)

15×6.5 Rota Flashback - Blk Candy Tone Red (4×100/e40/67.1)

15×6.5 Rota Flashback - Royal Black (4×100/e40/67.1)

15×6.5 Rota Flashback - Royal Red (4×100/e40/67.1)

Check back later for more wheels! We’ve got plenty more to add!

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