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Joe’s Karlton Flared STI on 18×11 Rota MXR’s

Hummel’s Widebody WRX on 18×10 SVN-R’s

Mike’s Z4M on 18×10 +25 Rota DPT sponsored Evo 9 on 18″ Rota DPT

Fresh New Color! - Full Royal Gunmetallic

Ramez’s 02 STI on 18″ Rota Torque

o98eclipse’s BMW e93 335is Convertible on 19″ Linea Corse Z2S

Joe’s Karlton Flared STI on 18×11 Rota MXR’s

Owner: Joe (subie001)
Car: 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Wheels: 18×11 Rota MXR - Flat Black with Flat Silver Lip(5×114.3/e20/73)
Tires: 295/30/18
Suspension: JIC coilovers, Cusco front and rear strut bars
Other mods: Karlton flares, Blouch 1.5XT Turbo, Deathschwerkz 850cc injectors, Walbro fuel pump, Invidia Up and Down Pipe, Greddy Exhaust, ETS TMIC, Cobb Accessport, Tuned by Church in Torrance CA

If you’ve been on Instagram and Facebook a lot these past few days, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen this STI making its rounds on different Subaru pages. Who wouldn’t want to share a car that looks good as this? Joe, also known as subie001 on the internet, is the proud owner of this beast rocking a set of 18×11 Rota MXR’s wrapped in 295/30/18 rubber. Joe installed a set of Karlton flares to house that massive wheel setup and says that his car handles like a dream but takes some getting used to. Joe’s STI also has a pretty long list of power mods to match that aggressive stance. We are definitely in-love with this car!

Joe would like to thank Dustin Roach for the sick pics, Team DDR and everyone who helped him with the build.

Hummel’s Widebody WRX on 18×10 SVN-R’s

Owner: Hummel
Car: 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX
Wheels: 18×10 Rota SVN-R Custom Painted Pearl White (5×100/114.3/E30/73)
Tires: 255/35/18 Dunlop Z1 Starspec
Suspension: BC Racing BR Type RA Coilovers
Other: 5mm spacers in front, 30mm Ichiba spacers for the rear
Nasioc Build Thread:

This has got to be one of the most awesome Subaru builds we’ve ever seen. It took Hummel a couple of years to get here but all the work was definitely worth it. The first thing you’ll notice when you this car is the over all stance. Not only is he running 18×10 wheels, he’s also got aero upgrades to match. The Kakumei body kit flows so well with the Kansai Carbon Fibre Rear Fin-Style Diffuser and Voltex Carbon Fibre Rear Round-Style Diffuser. What a combo! Going through his mod list, you will notice that he did not leave a single detail behind. He’s got everything: go-fast mods, suspension bits and rare interior pieces that truly reflect that this is not your ordinary WRX. Be sure to check out his mod list below.

Mod List

Wheels & Tires:
Rota SVN-R 18×10J ET30 Custom Paint in Pearl White
5mm Spacers in Front
30mm Spacers at Rear (Match the Widebody)
Project Kics R40 Neo Chro 16 Nuts & 4 Locks
Dunlop Z1 Star-Spec 255/35/18
Camber F-4.3 R-4.6

T20C701 MY05 JDM STI Spec-C Engine with 8,250rpm Fuel Cut
Perrin Signature FMIC with Red Pipes and Black Core
Perrin 77mm Big Maf Intake
Perrin Black Alumium Catch-Up Tank
Cusco Air/Oil Seperate Tank with Custom Paint in Flat Black
Tomei Equal Length Manifold
Tomei Up Pipe
Cusco Downpipe
HKS Spec-R Mid and Rear Exhaust
DW 850cc Top Feed High Resistance Injector
Walbro 255L Fuel Pump
Blouch Dominator 1.5 XT-R Turbo (GT3071R with 10cm2 Hotside)
Prodrive 3-Pot Boost Solenoid
Innovation LC-1 Wide-Band O2 Sensor
JUN Carbon Fibre Bonnet Dampers
Custom Made Top Mount Oil Cooler DIY Kit (was asked so many times by the people in North America)
Romraider/Ecuflash Tuned by Myself with 345whp/310wtq Output on Dyno Cybers (Mustang Based), 119F Intake Temp
24psi@4800rpm tappered down to 23psi@8000rpm

MY02 JDM 6 Speed Close Gear Ratio Transmision, Non-DCCD Version
R180 Rear Diff
114.3 PCD Conversion
Exedy Single Plate Clutch
Cusco 1.5 Way Rear LSD

Chasis, Suspension & Brakes:
BC BR Type-RA Coilover Suspension with F6kg R4Kg
JDM STI Titan Front Strut Brace
Cusco Rear Strut Brace
Cusco 22mm Front Anti-Roll Bar
Cusco 22mm Rear 3-Way Adjustable Anti-Roll Bar
Cusco Front #-Patern Chasis Strenghten Link
Cusco Rear Chasis Strenghten Link
JDM STI Pinky Lateral Links
Whiteline Drop Link
Brembo Front Caliper With OEM Discs and Rumsa Pads
Brembo Rear Caliper With OEM Discs and Rumsa Pads
Goodrich Braided Brake Hoses

OEM MY05 EUDM Black-Series Door Card All Around
Nardi 6 Point Roll Cage
Lamoo Mechanical Boost Gauge
Defi Exhaust Temp Gauge in Passenger Box
JDM STI Genome 3 Gauges–Boost, Oil Temp & Oil Press
JDM STI Genome Pods
JDM STI 180kmph Dial Cluster
JDM STI Red Hazard Button
JDM STI S203 Gear Surround
JDM STI S203 Gear Knob
JDM STI S203 Gear Gaitor with Red Stretch
JDM STI Vocano Robber Matts
HKS Type-0 Turbo Timer
Innovate LC-1 Wideband Red Gauge
Alpine Face-Off
Boss Speakers All Around with A-Pillar Pod
Bride Vios III Low Max in Red
Kyouu Seat Rails
Custom Paint Flat Black Centre Console
Rear Seat Delete

De-Badged All Around
Custom Made Rear STI Flare
STI Front Bumper Corners and Fog Light Covers
S203 Front Lip (Fitted Occationally)
Hella SuperTone in Red
JDM Rear Light Conversion
Kansai Carbon Fibre Rear Fin-Style Diffuser
Voltex Carbon Fibre Rear Round-Style Diffuser
Kakumei Widebody

Mike’s Z4M on 18×10 +25 Rota DPT

Owner: Mike
Car: BMW Z4M ( post here)
Wheels: 18×10 Rota DPT +25 5×120/5×114.3 72.6hb - Flat Black & Hyper Silver
Tires: Hankook RS3 265/35/18 Square Set Up

Power is useless without a lot of grip especially on the track. Mike chose to run these aggressive Rota DPT’s in 18×10 wrapped in wide tires to put down those horses. sponsored Evo 9 on 18″ Rota DPT

Owner: Hsun Chen
Car: Mitsubishi Evolution 9
Wheels: Rota DPT 18×9.5 +35 Color: Flat Black
Tires: Nitto Nt-01 275/35/18

Another addition to our list of sponsored vehicles is this monster Evo. As some may know, it is badged as the “Evo of Doom” owned by Hsun Chen. Well now, it can define “doom” even more, rolling on these aggressive Flat Black 18×9.5 +35 Rota DPT’s. Don’t forget the oh so sticky Nitto Nt-01’s. This beast was built by SCR Performance, together with AST custom suspension setup and a custom tune from TOBZ tuning. The complete package made Hsun the Street modified class champion of the SCCA Solo National Championship autocross competition. Video of the winning runs could be seen at the bottom.

Good luck to this years season Hsun! More hp to the crew.

Fresh New Color! - Full Royal Gunmetallic

Here’s what’s fresh! One of the most famous wheels in our line up, we’d like to introduce the Rota Grid in a new color! We call it the “Full Royal Gunmetallic”. Make your ride stand out with this new release which is now available in 18×9.5 5×100 +38. Be the first to roll on this fresh pick!

Ramez’s 02 STI on 18″ Rota Torque

Owner: Ramez on Nasioc

Car: 2002 Subaru Impreza STI

Wheels: Rota Torque 18×9.5 +35 White

Tires: 225/40/18

I must say blue and white is really an awesome classic combination for the subarus. Matching it with this kind of a set-up, Ramez totally rocked the look.

o98eclipse’s BMW e93 335is Convertible on 19″ Linea Corse Z2S

Owner: o98eclispe on E90post

Car: 2011 BMW 335is convertible

Wheels: Linea Corse Z2S 19×8.5/ 19×9.5 +30/+35 Hyper Silver with Polished Lip

Tires: 235/30/19 Front; 275/35/19 Rear

Look what we have here. This is one of the cleanest BMW  `verts we’ve ever come across. As the owner, o98eclipse on said, he just wanted a simple set-up. The result, one ride to drool for.  Nice house too!