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The New Rota HG5 - Our Latest Wheel Style

The New Rota HG5 - Our Latest Wheel Style

Huck Gee has been part of the Subaru community ever since I can remember. We are blessed to consider him part of the Wheeldude family… even go back to when Wheeldude was Subydude. I am so proud of this wheel design huck made, it will not be the last. A fellow Subaru enthusiast creating for the community— way cool! I’ve always said that we don’t just sell wheels… we spread happiness one rota box at a time. I hope you guys enjoy this wheel! cheers! Huck Gee, Rota Wheels, Wheeldude #HG5 collab. enjoy guys! cheers - the dude

Introducing our latest wheel style, the Rota HG5. STi Brembo clearing fitment!

Available in different fitments and a huge variety of finishes. For any questions, please send us an email at

Subaru WRX Wheels

18×8.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+44)

18×8.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+44)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+38)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+38)

FR-S, FT-86 and BRZ Wheels

18×8.5/9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+44F/+38R)

18×8.5/9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+44F/+38R)

Subaru STi Wheels

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X114.3/+35)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X114.3/+35)