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Michelle’s Bagged MK5 Golf on Rundfahren RM100’s

Michelle’s Bagged MK5 Golf on Rundfahren RM100’s

Owner: Michelle G.
Car: VW Golf MK5
Wheels: 18×9 Rundfahren RM100 - Sports Bronze/Yamaha Black(5×112/e40/73)
Tires: 215/40/18
Suspension: Autopilot V1 Management

The Wheeldude Crew, together with some friends like the owner of this MK5, made their way to Treasure Island the other night for an evening photoshoot. Ryan of did a shoot for a couple of our cars but we decided to feature Michelle’s VW first since her photos came out really great!

Michelle’s MK5 is rocking a set of our latest brand and wheel style, the Rundfahren RM100. In order to get that lip to fender fitment, the owner went with a stretched tire set up. Just in case you were wondering how she drives her car around like this, this car is bagged. Problem solved!

We won’t keep you waiting any longer so here are the photos from our shoot the other day with Michelle’s bagged MK5 Golf.