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WHEELDUDE.COM’S Annual Car of the Year Contest 2010

WHEELDUDE.COM’S Annual Car of the Year Contest 2010

It’s been a tradition here at to give mad props to the dopest cars of the year rocking a set of Linea Corse or Rota wheels. Not just any cars with a set of wheels on and a drop, but cars with a good amount of time, effort, and pride put into them. In search of the créme de la créme, we’ve reached out to all the car communities we post on regularly.

WHO: The Car of the Year 2010 Photo Contest is open to all cars running Rota Wheels or Linea Corse Wheels.

WHAT: We would like to have a little photo contest as a sign of appreciation for all the interest, business, and exposure this forum has provided us.

If your car is currently sporting Rota/Linea Corse Wheels, just post up a couple of pictures of your car in the respective forum threads. Be sure to include your full name (last name can be abbreviated with the first letter) and the wheel model/color you are running.

WHEN: The deadline for the submission of nominations will be on November 30. After this date, we will pick the top 15 cars from the nominees posted on this thread. A new poll thread will then be created on December 1. The winners will be determined through the votes that you will be casting. Be sure to check out that thread too.

PRIZES: Please visit the sites below as each site has it’s own set of prizes for their respective cars.

The pictures that you will be posting in these threads will be the same pictures that will be displayed in a poll thread for each forum. So, make it count!

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Click Here for Evolutionm

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Click Here for Audizine

Click Here for Club Lexus

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