Customer Gallery Submission

So, you’ve decided you want to show off your pride and joy on our very own WheelDude gallery, but you’re wondering, “hey, where do I send pics and info?” Well, you’re in the right place!

Step 1: This is the easiest part, have a set of Rota or Linea Corse wheels on your car!

Step 2: Find a nice, well lit area to take photos. Check out this NASIOC article on how to take proper car photos. Take pride in your ride with good photos! No need to run out and buy $1,000 worth of camera equipment, just find a spot with good lighting and snap photos at angles that highlight your cars with the wheels on. We can only upload 5 photos into our gallery for each entry. So pick your best shots!

Armin’s Quick and Dirty Tips and Tricks to Automotive Photography

Step 3: E-mail us! Fill out this simple form of information about your car. We’re not asking for your social security number and your mother’s maiden name, we only wanna know about your car! Shoot us an email with your pics attached (maximum of 5) to the email and one of our web dudes will take care of uploading it for you. If you need the license plate burred out in the photo, feel free to request it in the email submission. Each email submission will be posted daily on the Wheeldude blog. Pretty much all our blog entries will contain this information if you need examples.

Submit emails to (copy and paste this email address to your Gmail/Yahoo Mail/Hotmail or whatever you use)
Remember to have the words “Customer Gallery Submission” in the title of the email.

Your/Owner’s Name:
Car Forum: (only applicable if you’re from a car forum, of course)
Car Year:
Car Make:
Car Model:
Wheel Info: (Rota or Linea Corse model / size / offset / wheel color)
Tires: (if this information is available)
Suspension: (if this information is available)
Additional Mods: (this will also be listed on our blog)
Comments: (make any simple requests, little more about your car you want us to point out, or shout outs here)

Step 4: Wait a bit for our web dudes to look it over and post them for the world to see!

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