Varis Widebody Subaru WRX on 18×9.5 +38 Rota MXR Wheels in Gold

Owner: Anthony
Car: 04 Subaru WRX
Wheels: 18×9.5 Rota MXR - Gold(5×100/e38/73)
Tires: 255/35/18
Suspension: Stance Coilovers

Anthony once again switched to another set of wheels, this time he’s giving the 18×9.5 +38 Rota MXR’s in Gold a shot. First words from him are that he loves how the wheels pop! We completely agree. Although difficult to see, his wheels and Cusco roll cage are basically matching now. The Varis body kit is certainly not for everyone, but with the stance of the car, it all comes together looking great! Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery Gallery

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