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Mike’s 2006 Subaru Impreza Wagon on 18×8.5 +44 Grids

Owner: Mike
Car: 2006 Subaru Impreza Wagon
Wheels: 18×8.5 Rota Grid - White (5×100/e44/56.1)
Suspension: Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs

At a first glance, we thought he was lowered on coilovers, but turns out Mike achieved such a nice look with just lowering on Tein S-Tech’s lowering springs. He’s currently running Nexen N3000 225/40/18 all around paired up with the 18×8.5 +44 Grids(+39 after 5mm spacers all around). He added minor modifications such as WRX brakes, front lip, and some Red lugs. Gallery Gallery Gallery

Functional and Clean with 18×8.5 Rota Grid in Matte Gray

Owner: Kings028 on
Car: 2010 Subaru WRX
Wheels: 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Matte Gray (5×100/e44/56.1)
Tires: Hankook Ventus V12 EVOs 235/40/18
Suspension: EPIC lowering springs

Loving the clean and simple look on this ‘10 Subaru WRX. It’s such a nice look to the daily vehicle. Gallery Gallery

Throwback Session: Dude’s Bugeye WRX on 18×8.5 +44 Grid in Flat Black

Owner: Dude @
Car: 2002 Subaru WRX
Wheels: 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Flat Black (5×100/e44/56.1)
Suspension: JIC Magic Coilovers

The Grids in this particular size is a direct bolt on for most Subaru applications, it’s for those not wanting to run an aggressive setup while still achieving that concave look! It looks good while being very functional! We only have a few sets left in stock ready for shipment so pick up those phones or purchase online before they’re sold out! Gallery Gallery Gallery

Subydude’s 2006 STI on 18×8.5″ Grids - Photoshoot with

Owner: Subydude
Car: 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Wheels: 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic (5×114.3/e44/73)
Tires: 255/35/18 Nexen N3000
Suspension: BC Racing Coilovers

Just in case you missed, we did a shoot for Zoeb’s 350Z. We were also able to do a shoot of the Subydude’s STI that morning. The car is running 18×8.5 +44 Grids in Flat Gunmetallic. Check the pictures out!

Click here to see the rest of the set.

Thanks to Ryan Trinidad of for the awesome pictures!

Subydude’s STi on 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic

Owner: Subydude
Car: 2006 Subaru Impreza STi
Wheels: Rota Grid 18×8.5 +44 - Flat Gunmetallic

Well, there comes a time where you move onto different things. So this is one of our farewell shots of this crystal grey metallic STi before we sell it. This car has been our shop’s mascot for many years, even during our humble beginnings. These new flat gunmetallic wheels sure look pretty nice on the car though!

Now In Stock - Rota Grid 18×8.5 & 18×9.5 - Flat Gunmetallic

Just in! We’ve got these wheels in stock in two different sizes and a few different offsets. We’ll have these on a car soon, so stay tuned!

18×8.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic (5×100/e44/56.1)


18×8.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic (5×114.3/e44/73)


18×9.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic (5×100/e38/56.1)


18×9.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic (5×114.3/e20/73)


18×9.5 Rota Grid - Flat Gunmetallic (5×114.3/e38/73)


How low are you? Scion tC on 18×8.5+44 Grids

Owner: Ryan
Car: Scion tC
Wheels: 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×100/e44/56.1)
Suspension: Air Suspension

We’re so used to seeing coilovers or shock/springs setup that we often forget about another form of suspension, which is air. Ryan chose to go with air suspension on his Scion tC so he can show-stop every time his car is parked. Thankfully the 18×8.5 Grids were in a size he needed to fully tuck the rear wheel and tire to achieve this look.

Carolyn’s Lancer Ralliart 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Matte Bronze

Owner: Carolyn H.
Car: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart
Wheels: Rota Grid 18×8.5 +44 - Matte Bronze
Tires: Advan 245/40/18

More ladies with Rotas! Carolyn emailed us photos of her rotor glow orange Ralliart with 18×8.5″ Grids! She said there’s no fender rolling required with this setup that’s accompanied by H&R lowering springs.

Cody’s Ralliart Lancer on 18×8.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black

Owner: Cody ( thread here)
Car: 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart
Wheels: Rota Grid 18×8.5 +44 - Hyper Black

Cody’s Ralliart is most go-fast power mods and boy does this one have it. There’s not much on the outside besides the set of Rota Grid wheels, so think twice about trying to get a run against a Rotor Glow Lancer Ralliart on a set of Grids!

Hyundai Sonata on Staggered 18″ Rota Grid - Flat Black

Owner: Arcello
Car: 2011 Hyundai Sonata
Wheels: Rota Grid 18×8.5 +44, 18×9.5 +38 - Flat Black

Arcello was kind enough to email us photos of his brand new Hyundai Sonata…wait….what? Hyundai Sonata!? Yes, folks. Don’t sleep on this platform. The 274 2.0L turbo powertrain being offered in this current generation of Hyundai’s best selling mid-sized sedan is nothing to scoff at. For those keeping tabs, it’s got the close sibling of the turbo Genesis coupe’s 2.0T powerplant. Learn something new everyday, right? Another thing that’s unusual besides the platform is the choice of staggered wheels. Basically taking two different (for 05+ STi) Rota Grids in the same color for each axle to create this make shift staggered setup. Hey, as long as we have it in stock, go wild and make up your own staggered sets.