• Wheels stock?!
[in stock request form - under constructions] For now, contact us to get the latest wheels in stock, or you can visit our incoming wheel we publish weekly.
  • Why don’t you sell individual wheels on your website? I only see prices for full sets. I just need one replacement wheel!

Actually, WE DO! Since there’s a difference in the cost of shipping as opposed to the flat rate we offer for a full set of wheels AND we have to check stock for individual units, we suggest you give us a call at (510) 252-1111 to order individual wheels.

  • How long does shipping take to my location?

see ground map for approx. transit time, click here.

  • Fitment, I saw a wheel I like, will it fit my car?
[in fitment request form - under construction]
  • What do I have to do to fit 18×9 G-Force’s on my WRX?
It will take some work, but its been done. totally doable for a sick setup. here’s ryan’s setup:
2004 STI on 18×9 Gforce
  • How many lb/ft should I torque my lugs?

85 lb/ft is what we recommend.

  • Can I order with CC over the phone?
Yes, call us @ 510 651-2956.

  • Do you ship worldwide?
Yes, we do.  We ship via FEDEX.com. (tax/duties/brokerage fee are all buyer’s responsibility)
  • What are your company policies re: shipping

Click here for our list of company policies.

  • Check out the new wheelude video “How to Install Your New Wheels” featuring Michelle Yee and Julie Mai!


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