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LTBMW’s E90 M3 on 20″ Linea Corse Z20 - Gunmetal

Customer: Long Tran a.k.a. LTBMW ( thread here)
Car: 2008 BMW E90 M3
Wheels: Linea Corse Z20 20×8.5 +15 / 20×10 +15 - Dark Gunmetal

To add to the last post…speaking of M3’s. Long Tran of the infamous LTBMW company name in the BMW communities is rockin’ a set of Linea Corse Z20’s. The fitment looks siiicckkk. He debuted the photos on this thread and emailed them personally to us. If you want some dope stuff done to your Bimmer, give LTBMW a holler! He hooked up some of the BMWs for a few of our customers featured on this site too.

Ayaz’s BMW M5 on 20″ Linea Corse Z20 - Hyper Silver

Customer: Ayaz
Car: BMW M5
Wheels: Linea Corse Z20 20×8.5 +15 (front), 20×10 +15 (rear) - Hyper Silver

Even though The Dude was on a late night shift to take care of his newborn son, after a 2 hour power nap, he was once again, out at a godawful hour of the morning today to take photos of Ayaz’s M5 on Linea Corse Z20’s. Also, once again, there’s a part 2 of this photo shoot featuring an Evo X on Grids from Detail Addict’s owner, Leo Chan. Remember folks, currently the Linea Corse Z20’s are on sale! Give us a call to order a set, but for now, take a look at ‘em on the M5. :D

Wheel Details

Pontiac G8 on 20″ Linea Corse Z20 Wheels - Dark Gunmetal

Customer: Cobrakiller via
Car: Pontiac G8
Wheels: Linea Corse Z20 20×8.5 +35, 20×10 +40 - Dark Gunmetal
Tires: 245/35/20 (front), 275/30/20 (rear)

Hailing from Georgia, this customer has on a set of Z20’s on his Pontiac G8 and posted photos on This one’s becoming a hit with the Wheeldude Pontiac customers! With the 5×120 bolt pattern and this particular offset, this normally BMW-friendly setup also works with the Pontiac G8. IMO, it’s an underrated sports sedan.

Wheel Details

Ayaz’s M5 on Linea Corse Z20 Wheels - Hyper Silver, Dan’s M3 on Linea Corse LC808 Wheels - Hyper Silver

Today’s a double feature has Ayaz’s M5 and Dan’s M3 on Linea Corse wheels. Ayaz’s M5 has demoed the 20″ Z20’s in gunmetal, this time they’re in hyper silver. Z20’s always looked fantastic on mid-sized sports sedans like the M5. Dan’s M3 is our flagship vehicle for the E46 M3 fitment on LC808’s. Mr. Avon doesn’t need Kanye West or “Heartbreak” to steal the spotlight with some 808’s (sorry, heard about the VMA’s last night). Haha. Enjoy!

Owner: Ayaz
Car: 2006 BMW E60 M5
Wheels: Linea Corse Z20 20×8.5 (front), 20×10 (rear) +15 offset (all around) - Hyper Silver

Wheel Details

Owner: Dan a.k.a. Davon - King of the Streets
Car: 2005 BMW E46 M3
Wheels: Linea Corse LC808 19×8.5 (front) +30 offset, 19×10 (rear) +22 offset - Hyper Silver w/ Polished Lip

Wheel Details

Jame’s Pontiac G8 on 20″ Linea Corse z20 Wheels - Gunmetal

Jame’s G8 on Staggered 20″ z2s Gunmetal

Wheels: 20×8.5/10 Linea Corse Z20 - Dark Gunmetal (5×120 +35 +40)
Toyo T1R 245.35.20 Front
Toyo T1R 285.30.20 Rear Gallery Gallery Gallery

Wheel Details

e92 M3 on 20″ Linea Corse z20

Wheel Detail

HighER Rez Pix

Gallery Entry


E60 on Linea Corse Z20

The Dude shot some sick photos of Ayaz’ (a friend to wheeldude) BMW M5 on Linea Corse Z20 in Gun Metallic.  The wheels are in a staggered 20×8.5 +15 front and 20×10 +15 rear which fit nice and flush to the body of the M5.  Here are the pics, Read More for more pictures or visit our Gallery Linked below.


Gallery Here
Wheel Here
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New Audi & BMW E9x M3 Section

It’s that time of the year when our catalog goes through a furious amount of new additions since we’re working hard to provide wheels for many other cars. We’ve recently added a new Audi section, mainly for the 5×112 bolt pattern crowd (B5/B6/B7 A4’s, A6’s, etc). Also, we have added the E9x M3 section for the 2008 and newer BMW M3 (E90 sedan, E92 coupe, E93 convertible). Stay tuned for a new section in the near future for Cadillac CTS-V’s. Caddys need some Rota and LC love too.

Here’s a quick peak at what we just added.

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E92 on Deuce-Zeros (Linea Corse Z20)

The Dude took photos of Nick’s E92 on a set of dark gunmetallic 20×8.5/20×10 Z20’s while taking a drive up to San Francisco during the morning.  Enjoy!

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Linea Corse Z20 and Lemans pictures

We have several pictures of our newest designs.  All of the pictures will link back to our actual gallery, so enjoy!

Linea Corse Lemans - Satin Black


Linea Corse Z20 - Dark Gunmetal


Linea Corse Z20 - Hyper Silver


-Gabe @ Wheeldude