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Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels


Rota 360-degree Flow Forged line brings art and science of wheels to a new level

With over 40 years of experience in wheel manufacturing, Philippine Aluminum Wheels, Incorporated (PAWI), manufacturer of Rota Wheels, is taking the art and science of wheels to the next level. With the launch of the Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels, it presents a new revolution for wheel manufacturing in the Philippines.

“We are very excited to introduce the Rota 360-degree Flow Forged Wheel,” said Mr. Michael S. Rojas, President of PAWI. “Our new wheel is lighter, denser, and more durable than our high quality gravity cast wheels. And because it’s Rota, it’s very affordable too.”

The Rota 360-degree Flow Forged wheels are made through a process called flow forging, a first in the country. This is done by gravity casting virgin ingots of high-grade aluminum, which is then heated and spun to form the wheel. In effect, flow forging combines the elements of making a cast wheel and a forged wheel, making it lighter and stronger than a cast wheel. That means less unsprung weight and, therefore, improves vehicle dynamics and handling. And it does all that by further enhancing a wheel’s durability under tough conditions.

As with all Rota wheels, the 360-degree Flow Forged wheels have undergone a battery of vigorous testing. Impact, cornering and radial tests are carried out on the wheels to ensure a high caliber of quality the company has been known for, and give customers peace of mind. With testing methods that follow international standards, your Rota wheels will keep on rolling and the 360-degree Flow Forged wheels are no exception.

The Rota 360-degree Flow Forged line will be available soon, both locally and abroad. Set to be released through the company’s extensive domestic and international network, the world will soon experience a Philippine revolution as Rota forges into the future, further evolving the art and science of wheels.

Enrico’s 2013 Toyota 86 on 17×8 Rota Titans in Matte Steel Grey

Owner: Enrico
Car: 2013 Toyota 86
Wheels: 17×8 Rota Titans - (5×100/e42/73) in Matte Steel Grey
Tires: 225/45/R17, Federal 595 SuperSteel.
Suspensions: Dynamics Performance Engineering coilovers with 8F-6R spring rates

Jordan’s 2017 WRX on 18×9.5 e35 Rota DPT in Hyper Black

Owner: Jordan
Car: 2017 WRX
Wheels: 18×9.5 Rota DPT - Hyper Black (5×100x114.3/e35/73)
Tires: 245/40 tires
Suspensions: stock
Nameless muffler deletes
Subispeed f1 fog light
Olm foglights
Olm led headlights
C light upgrade
Perrin shift stop
Kartboy short shift kit
Diode dynamics led interior lighting
Shiftsolutions co shift knob

instagram is @1_slowrx

AJ’s 2017 WRX ON 18×10 Rota SVN-R

Owner: AJ
Car: 2017 Subaru WRX
Wheels: 18×10 Rota SVN-R - Hyper Black (5×100/114.3/E30/73)
Tires: 255/35
Suspension: BC Racing extreme low coilovers
Mods:Blackout retro fit headlights with diode dynamics c light and demon eye
A.G. styles full body kits
ETS full catback extreme exhaust with blue chrome tips

“Still saving for more upgrades”

Black Friday Sale 2017

Hi guys!

Listed below are limited in quantity, first payments first served. Hope everyone had a great Thxgiving day and hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend. Without any further delay:

$555.00 - D154 1680 4×100 20 RF YAMAHA BLACK
$647.00 - GRID 1795 4X114.3 12 FLT BLK RED LIP
$647.00 - GRID 1795 4X114.3 12 WHITE
$735.00 - G FORCE 1885 5X100 48 GOLD
$735.00 - G FORCE 1885 5X100 48 HYPER BLACK
$735.00 - G FORCE 1890 5X100 35 HYPER BLACK
$735.00 - G FORCE 1890 5X108 35 FLAT BLACK
$735.00 - G FORCE 1890 5X108 35 GUNMETALLIC
$735.00 - G FORCE 1890 5X108 35 WHITE
$615.00 - FLUSH 1580 4X100 20 FLAT BLACK
$615.00 - FLUSH 1580 4X100 20 RL HYPER BLACK
$695.00 - FLUSH 1790 4X114.3 12 WHITE
$695.00 - FLUSH 1790 5X100 42 RF SILVER
$695.00 - FLUSH 1790 5X114.3 25 RF SPORT BRZ
$735.00 - FLUSH 1895 5X100 38 RF SILVER
$735.00 - FLUSH 1895 5X100 38 RL GUNMETALLIC
$735.00 - FLUSH 1895 5X100 38 RL HYPER BLACK
$735.00 - HUCKGEE 1895 5X100 38 GOLD
$735.00 - KENSEI 1895 5X100 35 FLAT BLK
$735.00 - KENSEI 1895 5X100 35 RL SILVER
$900.00 - Staggered REAR: LC DYNA 1910 5X114.3 38 RF SILVER FRONT: LC DYNA 1985 5X114.3 30 RF SILVER
$735.00 - P45F 1880 5X114.3 48 HYPER BLACK
$747.00 - P45R 2 1810 5X114.3 10 MAGNESIUM BLK
$747.00 - P45R 2 1810 5X114.3 20 FLAT BLACK
$859.00 - P45R 3 1812 5X114.3 20 FLAT BLACK
$735.00 - PWR (G12) 1895 5X114.3 38 HYPER BLACK
$735.00 - ROKU 1885 10X100/114 44 GOLD
$735.00 - ROKU 1885 10X100/114 44 HYPER BLACK
$735.00 - ROKU 1895 5X100 38 FLAT BLACK
$735.00 - ROKU 1895 5X100 38 HYPER BLACK
$695.00 - RT5 1790 5X114.3 25 FLAT BLACK
$695.00 - SS10 1790 5X100 42 WHITE
$695.00 - SS10 1790 5X114.3 25 WHITE
$695.00 - SS10 1790 5X114.3 42 FLAT BLACK
$695.00 - SS10 1790 5X114.3 42 RF SPORT BRZ
$695.00 - SS10 1790 5X114.3 42 WHITE
$735.00 - SS10 1885 5X114.3 44 WHITE
$735.00 - SS10 1895 5X100 38 WHITE
$735.00 - SVN 1885 5X100 48 RF SPORT BRZ
$695.00 - STW 1780 5X100 44 RL GOLD
$695.00 - STW 1780 5X100 44 RL HYPER BLACK
$735.00 - TORQUE 1895 5X114.3 28 FLAT BLACK
$735.00 - VECTOR PRO 1895 5X100 38 HYPER BLACK


if you want to pay via VISA/Mastercard or Credit card… email us at with first last name, email address, billing shipping address, phone number. We take visa or MasterCard and wheels you want to purchase. We will call you Monday to get payment information or you can call and leave the CC number, exp date and 3 digit number in the back to 510 969 9529.

Thx guys! Happy wheeling!


Dan’s 2011 WRX on 18×9.5 e38 Titanium Chrome Grids

Owner: Dan
Car: 2011 Subaru WRX
Wheels: 18×9.5 Rota Grid - Titanium Chrome (5×100/e38/73)
Tires: SUMITOMO HTR Z III 265/35R18
Suspensions: Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 24mm Adjustable With control arm Links
Whiteline Front Sway Bar 22mm Adjustable
Kartboy Front Endlinks
Kartboy Rear Endlinks
BC Racing BR Series Coilovers with rear Extenders

for more picture click here

Year:​ 2011
Make:​ Subaru
Model:​ Impreza
Sub Model:​ WRX Sedan
Color: ​Obsidian Black Pearl
Engine:​ EJ255 2.5L intercooled turbo, DOHC, 16 valve, H4 cylinder
Power:​ 307WHP / 334FT/LBS TQ Uncorrected
Tuner: ​Cleo (IAG Performance)
New items for May before Boxerfest 2017:
● Perrin Turbo Inlet Hose
● GrimmSpeed Cold Air Intake
● Aeromotive Black A1000-6 FPR Fuel Pressure Regulator
● Fragola 0-100 PSI Fuel Pressure Gauge
● IAG V2 Top Feed Fuel Rails
● IAG Braided Fuel Line & Fitting Kit with Flex Fuel Adapters
● IAG Silver CNC Top Feed TGV Deletes
● Blouch 440XT Turbocharger with HPD Turbine and 10cm^2 Housing
● COBB Tuning Flex Fuel Package with Fuel Pressure Sensor
● AEM 320LPH E85 Ethanol Fuel Pump
● Omni Power 4 Bar Map Sensor
● Delete Secondary Air Pump and install IAG block off plates
● IAG Comp to Street AOS Conversion Kit
● Cobb AP V2 to V3 Upgrade

● SPT Carbon Fiber Trunk Trim
● Rally Armor Red/Black Mud Flaps
● Bayson*R CS Replica Front Lip
● Perrin Shorty Antenna
● 30% Window Tint all around
● Stock Halogen Headlamps
● Stock Fog Lights

● SMY Clustermaker Gauge Pod
● Solid Modifications 52mm Vent Pod
● Prosport Amber White Needle 52mm Boost Gauge
● Prosport Amber White Needle 52mm Oil Pressure Gauge
● AEM UEGO Digital Wideband 52mm Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
● Proto Tuning Tool Holder
● Cobb Red 5 Speed Subaru Shift Knob
● STI Short Throw Shifter

● Whiteline Rear Sway Bar 24mm Adjustable With control arm Links
● Whiteline Front Sway Bar 22mm Adjustable
● Kartboy Front Endlinks
● Kartboy Rear Endlinks
● BC Racing BR Series Coilovers with rear Extenders
● ROTA Grid 18×9.5” +38 Wheels Titanium Chrome
● SUMITOMO HTR Z III 265/35R18 Tires
● DBA T2 Street Slotted Rotors
● Hawk HPS Ceramic Pads
● Deburred and G2 Painted Calipers Gloss Black

● Nameless Performance Muffler Delete Axleback Double Walled Tips
● Stock Midpipe
● Cobb SS 3” Downpipe
● Cobb AccessPort V2 (Will Be trading in to V3)
● Cobb SF Intake and Airbox
● Cobb Turbo Heat Shield
● IAG SS Uppipe
● Prosport UEL Headers
● TiAL MVS 38mm External Wastegate
● Grimmspeed Top Mount Intercooler with shroud
● Grimmspeed Electronic Boost Control Solenoid
● IAG Air Oil Separator
● Injector Dynamics 1000CC Injectors
● Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
● Perrin Turbo Inlet for 2.5” Turbo
● Stock Block
● Stock Turbo - VF52

shout out to the photographers for the pictures which include @timothy.yiu, @logan_photography_, EP’s Photos, @crazyKonceptz, @subarusense and @european.whips.

Also I’d like to thank IAG Performance, GrimmSpeed, and F.A.S.T. of West Chester for help with the build.

Brent’s 2015 Subaru Forester XT on 17×8 Rota Recce Flat Black

Owner: Brent Parsons
Car: 2015 Subaru Forester XT
Wheels: 17×8 Rota Recce - Flat Black (5X100/e44/73)
Tires: 235/65-17 Hankook Dynapro
Suspensions: Primitive Racing Lift Spacer 1.25” and Rear Subframe Realignment Spacers

It definitely feels more “truck-like” this high up and with the knobby tires but it handles the mud so much better. The tires did rub a little, front and back, so i trimmed the fender trim and the mudflaps but other than that it fit great. It also has some cheap Chinese Led fang bumper lights that I wrapped in black vinyl and a Smitty built 3/4” D-ring and Subaru tow hook installed in the front. interior just has SubiSpeed paddle shifter extensions, Valentine 1 Radar detector and of course my dashboard Hulu girl.

Aaron Barnes’ 2014 Focus ST on 18×9 e35 Rota G-Force in Gunmetal

Owner: Aaron Barnes
Car: 2014 Ford Focus ST
Wheels: 18×9 e35 Rota G-Force in Gunmetal
Tires: 245/40/18 Michelin PSS
Suspension: Bilstein B14 coilovers
JBR Tru Torsion 1.25 RSB w/Billet brackets
Steeda adjustable endlinks
SPC rear camber arms

Greddy SP catback
Mountune quick shift arm
Boosted design shifter/transmission bushings
NTC shifter cable bushing
Depo racing “THE BEAST” FMIC
CPE hot side charge pipe
Levels performance catless downpipe
Cobb accessport V3
CFM valve cover breather
Damond motorsports stage 1 OCC
Damond Motorsports stage 2 OCC (to be installed)
Cobb CAI
Deadhook Motorsports 93 octane protune.

Maxton Design splitter in Ford Rally black
Maxton Design side splitters Ford Rally black
Innovative fabworx wing risers
professionally painted tails
Boosted design dead pedal
Diode Dynamics Luxeon LED (to be installed)Projector fog lights

Josh’s 02 WRX on 18×9.5 ET30 Linea Corse Lemans

Owner: Josh (@Jdroelle001on Instagram)
Car Model: 2002 Subaru WRX
Tyres: 225/40/18 Yokohama S-Drive
Suspension: ST Suspension Coilovers

Whiteline Max-C Motorsport Front Camber Plates
Group N Rear Strut Tops
Eibach Rear Camber Bolts
Whiteline Front and Rear 24mm Adjustable Swaybars
Kartboy Swaybar Endlinks
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
TiC Fender Cowl Braces

Engine and Drivetrian:
VF39 w/ Billet Wheel
STI Intercooler
Injector Dynamics ID1000cc injectors
DeatschWerks DW200 Fuel Pump
TurboXS 50/50 Recirc Valve
NGK Plugs
Cobb SF Intake
GTSpec UEL Header
GTSpec Catless Uppipe
Edo Performance downpipe
Espilir JGT500 JDM Catback
STi Short Shift Linkage
Kartboy Short Shifter
Kartboy Shifter Bushings
Kartboy Rear Shifter Bushing
Kartboy Rear Subframe Outrigger Bushings
Kartboy Rear Subframe Lockout Bolts
TiC Rear Diff Mount Bushings

Morimoto Mini H1 Retrofit Headlights
Blue Demon Eyes
JNA Performance Front Lip
JDM STi Hood Scoop
Debadged Trunk
Carbon fiber Exhaust Garnish
Yellow Foglight Films
Color Matched Sideskirts
Rear Bumper Spats
RallyArmor Mudflaps
35% Tint

Flocked Dash
OEM Gauge Pod
OEM All Weather Floormats
WC Latheworks teardrop shift knob
JDM Red Hazard Button
Custom Factory Heated Seats
Pioneer AppRadio2
Custom Red LED Gauge Cluster

Incoming Wheels - Febuary

These wheels are coming in this Febuary 2015. We are now accepting pre-orders for these wheels. You can give us a call at the shop at 510.252.1111 Monday to Friday 10am-5pm PST or you may place the order on our website.

Subaru WRX Wheels

18×8.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+44)

18×8.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+44)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+38)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+38)

18×8.5 Rota DPT - Hyper Black (5×100/114.3/+ 44)

18×8.5 Rota Grid -Flat Black (5×100/+ 44)

18×8.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×100/+ 44)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Chameleon (5×100/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Deep Red (5×100/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid -Flat Black (5×100/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×100/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - White (5×100/+ 38)

Ford Focus ST Wheels

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×108/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Chameleon (5×108/+ 38)

Mitsubishi EVOX, 350Z Wheels

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Deep Red (5×114.3/+ 20)

18×9.5 Rota Grid -Flat Black (5×114.3/+ 20)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Gold (5×114.3/+ 20)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×114.3/+ 20)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - White (5×114.3/+ 20)

Subaru STi

18×8.5 Rota DPT - Hyper Black (5×100/114.3/+ 44)

18×8.5 Rota Grid - Speed Bronze (5×114.3/+ 44)

18×9 Rota Grid - Flat Black (5×114.3/+42)

18×9 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×114.3/+42)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Deep Red (5×114.3/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid -Flat Black (5×114.3/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×114.3/+ 38)

18×9.5 Rota Grid - White (5×114.3/+ 38)

FR-S, FT-86 and BRZ Wheels

18×8.5/9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X100/+44F/+38R)

18×8.5/9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X100/+44F/+38R)

18×8.5/9.5 Rota Grid -Flat Black (5X100/+44F/+38R)

18×8.5/9.5 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5X100/+44F/+38R)

Subaru WRX STi 2015, Mitsubishi EVO 8-9 Wheels

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Hyper Black (5X114.3/+35)

18×9.5 Rota HG5 - Gold (5X114.3/+35)

Audi , Volkswagen Wheels

18×9 Rota Grid - Hyper Black (5×112/+40)

19×8.5 Linea Corse Dyna - Slate Blue (5×112/e40/73hb)

19×8.5 Linea Corse Dyna - Polished (5×112/e35/57.1hb)

Porsche Wheels

17×7.5/9 Linea Corse Fox - RSR Style High Polish(5×130/e35F/e16R/7 1.6)

17×7.5/9 Linea Corse Fox - Gloss Black w/ Pol Lip (5×130/e35F/e16R/71.6)

BMW Wheels

19×8.5/10 Linea Corse LC818 - Satin Black (5×120 +30+37/72.6)