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OjiGeorge’s 2013 FRS on 18×8.5/9.5 Hyper Silver RT5’s

Owner: OjiGeorge (ft86club thread here.)
Car: 2013 Scion FRS
Wheels: 18×8.5/9.5 Rota RT5 - Hyper Silver (5×100/e44F/e44R/73)
Tire Size: 235/40/18 Front; 255/35/18 Rear
Suspension: Tarmac II Coilovers

OjiGeorge from ft86club just posted up some pictures of his Whiteout FR-S rocking a staggered set of RT5’s in Hyper Silver. These wheels are easily becoming one our most popular styles.

Throwback Thursday - Dave’s GC8 Featured on Modified Magazine

Customer: Dave Mann
Car: 1998 Subaru Impreza
Wheels: 18×10 Rota SVN-R - Flat Black (5×100/114.3/E30/73)
Tires: Bridgestone RE-11 265/35/18

We all know how much work you have to put on a car to get a feature on Modified Magazine. Dave did just that back in 2010 with his monster GC8 rocking 18×10 SVN-R’s in Flat Black. Dave was one of the first people to run these aggressive wheels which were intended to turn like its on rails at the track. Dave’s GC also ran some spacers to push the wheels out to +5 offset in the front and +1 offset in the rear to fill out those massive custom installed Jun S13 Silvia fenders. This has to be one of the craziest cars to ever grace the pages of!

Check out the full feature HERE.

2.0-liter EJ20 2001 JDM Version 7 WRX STI

Engine Modifications
Ultimate Racing GT3582R (0.82a/r) turbocharger, racing up-pipe, and 3″ downpipe; AUS spec turbo blanket, HKS turbo heat shield, TiAL 44mm wastegate, TurboXS FMIC, custom Regan Ritchie intercooler piping, modified/reversed intake manifold, Invidia G200 3″ after-cat exhaust, Deatschwerks 850cc fuel injectors, Walbro 255-lph fuel pump, Mishimoto radiator and slim fans; Element Tuning race air/oil seperator, Mocal race oil cooler, rear-mounted Braille 6-lb carbon-fiber battery

Engine Management
Autronic SM4 stand-alone ECU w/ antilag, A’PEXi AVC-R electronic boost controller

Complete ‘01 Version 7 WRX STI suspension conversion (control arms, knuckles, hubs, subframes), Racecomp Engineering Tarmac II double-adjustable coilovers, Cusco adjustable camber plates (f/r), Whiteline 24mm rear sway bar

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Rota 18×10″ SVN-R +30 wheels (25mm spacers front, 29mm spacers rear), Bridgestone 265/35R18 Potenza RE11 tires, Rays extended lug nuts, complete ‘01 Version 7 WRX STI brake conversion (hubs, rotors and calipers), Hawk HP+ brake pads, Goodridge SS brake lines

‘01 JDM Version 7 WRX STI Spec-C 6-speed transmission, Suretrac LSDs (f/r), 20kg viscous center differential

Alsek Industries CARS-spec 8-point rollcage, Nardi Rallysport 330mm suede steering wheel, Momo quick release hub, Racetech RT-Pro 5 cam-lock harness, Sparco Circuit race seat, JDM WRX STI pedal set, Cobb Tuning double-adjustable short shifter, WC Lathewerks custom shift knob, custom carbon-fiber center switch panel, A’PEXi AVC-R monitor, Defi bf-series controller w/ boost, oil pressure, EGT, oil temp and water temp gauges; Aquamist dds3 flow gauge, ‘05 WRX STI gauge cluster conversion

Seibon carbon-fiber hood and front lip; KLight 6,000K HID headlights, PIAA Ion Yellow corner lights, JDM Version 6 STI foglight covers, front grille, and rear spoiler; JUN S13 fender flares, Do-Luck side skirts, Limit Factory custom rear diffuser

Photo credits: Modified Magazine

Meet the Crew


Joseph Soriano

“Everyday, we ship out happiness to car enthusiasts all over the world.” Not a bad job to have for Joseph leading the crew. Joseph’s personal favorite wheels are the Rota T2R in gold, keeping it real nice and simple. While roaring his 2002 WRB Bugeye, Joe is also running his project E90 to be featured out soon.

Zoeb Fazalbhoy
Director of Operations

Zoeb is very active in his E92 M3 and an FRS which we always feature in our site, he also drives a sweet mid-size luxury E70 X5. Zoeb has always been passionate about cars since he was a child, being a part of the automotive industry as a career is one dream come true to him. He enjoys attending trackdays in the M3 and is also active in various different automotive gatherings. Out of all the wheels we sell, Zoeb’s favorite wheel is the Linea Corse LC818.

Paolo Martinez
Sales/Marketing Associate

Paolo’s favorite wheel is the Rota RT5 which he is now rolling in his 2004 JDM Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Paolo loves fixing up cars and joining time attack events whenever he can. Working two jobs at the same time gives Paolo the most satisfaction whenever he gets to help people with their wheel needs.

Tommy Duong
Sales Associate

Driving a 2000 BMW 323i Sedan, Tommy just love working in wheeldude for the belief that wheels make or break your car! He loves modifying and designing cars and that’s pretty much his expensive interest. Tommy’s favorite wheels are the best selling Rota Grids.

Tom Nguyen
Marketing Associate

Tom being a freelance photographer before loves working with his co-workers and being involved in the car industry. Tom is currently driving a 2007 Lexus GS350. He named the classic Linea Corse Veneto as his all time favorite wheels.

Gel Jao
Marketing Associate

Gel owns a 2007 Mazda 3 and drives an E87 daily. Gel believes that stock is dead, working for wheeldude is a fun stuff where she can grow and be molded as a person with all her automotive interests. She named her favorite wheel as the “split ended wheels” which is the LC818. Gel is part of various organizations who organizes auto shows and circuit/time attack racings and is active in attending shows, events, and auto club meetings.

Gagan Bains
Marketing Associate

Revving up a 1999 Subaru Impreza RS Coupe pumped us with some 18×9.5 Rota MXRs in Classic Gold, Gagan has been working years and is loving his job because wheeldude represents the best in Rota Wheels. He best believed that there are others you can buy Rota wheels from, but everyone knows buying from wheeldude gives you the choices, and the best customer service and support. He would say the tarmac 2s are the wheels that gave wheeldude its big break when it first started. Besides working for wheeldude Gagan races his car in Autocross with the SCCA.

Ave Lising
Marketing / Event Co-Coordinator

Working for wheeldude, having such a big name in the car community and being such a huge fan ever since is one great privilege, Ave said. The perks of him establishing a new network, going out on events, building reputation and connections made Ave love his job so much. This music-lover-on-the-side spinning DJ is oh so loving those pretty LC Lemans which is now mounted on his 2004 Subaru STI.

Alan Ranch Sevilla
Resident Photographer

Alan claims that cars and photography are his biggest passions. Having to do those things makes him feel happy and blessed. Daily driving a Toyota Hilux pick up, Alan also drives an Evolution V for track and a Toyota Corolla ae111 for city driving. Besides working for wheeldude, Alan is the lead photographer for C! (car) Magazine and does public relations for Rota wheels.

Rachel Guiuan

Rachel also known as “The girl on the phone”, felt good about her co-workers in Wheeldude since the team work and environment are great. She believes that this made it easily possible to work together and help out when needed. She also considers that her job fits well with the other aspects in her life.

Arthur’s Track Monster - STI on 18×10 Rota DPTs

Owner: Arthur Lam
Car: 2007 SWP Subaru Impreza WRX STI
Wheels: 18×10 Rota DPT - Gloss Black(5×100/114.3/e35/73)
Tires: 275/35/18 Continental Slicks
Suspension: RCE Tarmac 2 Coilovers
Nasioc Build thread:

Arthur, better known as alcoolaid on the forums, bought his STI back in August of 2007. He started modding it within the first few weeks of owning the car and he found himself running stage 2 in no time. After trying out the car in Auto-X and some track days, the track bug caught Arthur and the rest was history. Arthur has spent countless hours working on his car and we must say that this is one of the most awesome builds we’ve ever seen.

Arthur and some of his friends from APL motorsports recently attended a track day at Pacific Raceways. Matt Kwok took some nice photos at the event and it is a pleasure to have them on our site.

Some action shots.

RCE Tarmac 2 Coilovers
Hyperco Springs 600/500lb
Corner Balanced
Whiteline Anti-lift Kit
Whiteline Rollcenter Kit
Whiteline Max-C Motorsport Camber/Caster Plates
GTWorx Rear Camber Plates
SPC Front and Rear Camber Bolts
STI S204 Carbon Fiber Front Strut
Cusco Carbon Fiber Rear Strut Bar
Kartboy Rear Diff Outrigger Bushings (Black)
Kartboy Rear Subframe Bolts
Turn in Concepts Rear Diff Mount Bushings - RACE
Turn in Concepts Lateral Link Bushings
Turn in Concepts Forward Trailing Arm Bushings
Turn in Concepts Rear Trailing Arm Bushings

CP Forged Pistons 99.75mm w/ Ceramic Crown and Molybdenum Disulfide Skirt Coating
Carrillo Forged H-Beam Rods
Factory STI Crankshaft
Dan Benson Racing Darton Sleeved Block
Engine Fully Blueprinted and Balanced
Calico Coated ACL Race Rod and Main Bearings
Kelford 276/272 AVCS Cams
5-Angle Intake Valve Job
3-Angle & Radiused Exhaust Valve Job
Ferrea +1mm SS Intake Valves
Ferrea +1mm Super Alloy Exhaust Valves
Supertech Dual Valve Springs
Supertech Titanium Retainers
ARP Headstuds
ARP Case Bolts
STI 11mm Oil Pump
Gates Racing Timing Belt
Gates Racing Alternator/PS Belt
Mocal 19 Row Oil Cooler -10AN Fittings
Mocal Sandwich Adapter w/ Thermostat
Koyo R2704 53mm Racing Radiator
Custom Twin-Scroll Header and T4 Up-pipe
Custom 3.5″ Catless Downpipe
Borgwarner S300sx 83-75 .91AR T4 TS Turbo
Dual Tial 38mm V-band Wastegates w/ external dump tubes
MAC 3-Port Boost Solenoid
AEM 3.5Bar MAP Sensor
Cobb MAP Adapter
Custom 4″ Aluminum Intake
Boost Logic Turbo Blanket
Invidia G200 Catback
APS DR725 FMIC with Custom Pipes
TGV Port and Delete
Ported Intake Manifold
Ported Throttle Body
Rotated Intake Manifold
A/C System Removed
Crawford Performance V2 Air/Oil Separator
GrimmSpeed 8mm Phenolic Spacers
Walbro 255LPH Fuel Pump Intank
Bosch 044 External Fuel Pump
Canton Racing 8 micron Fuel Filter
Custom Fuel Surge tank
Aeroquip -8AN Feed and -6AN Return Fuel Lines
Injector Dynamics 1000cc Fuel Injectors
Aeromotive Top Feed Fuel Rails
Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator
Aquamist HFS-5 Meth Injection System 2×1.0mm nozzles
Spec C STI 12L Intercooler Spray Tank
Vi-Pec V88 Standalone ECU with Anti-Lag and Launch Control
Odyssey PC680 Battery

ACT XT-SS Clutch
STI Group N 6spd Short Shifter
STI Group-N Tranny Mount
STI Group-N Engine Mounts
STI Group-N Pitch Stop Mount
ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
Track: Rota DPT 18×10 +35 Continental Slicks 275/35/18
Rays Black Lug Nuts
Street: Hawk DTC30 Front Brake Pads
Track: Hawk DTC70 Front Brake Pads
Hawk DTC30 Rear Brake Pads
Motul RBF600 Brake Fluid
Girodisc 2pc Front Rotors
Quantum Motorsports Brake Ducts

Compustar Pro 2W9000FM-AS
Defi Amber BF Boost, Oil Pressure, EGT
AEM Digital Wideband Gauge
Aquamist Meth Injection Gauge
Gruppe-S CF Triple Gauge Pod
STI Titanium Shift Knob
STI Limited Hazard Button
Pioneer AVH-4300DVD
Stripped Interior
Sound Deadening and Heat Shields Removed
Airbag System Removed
Valentine 1 Radar Detector
Beatrush Rear Firewall Division Plate
Recaro Profi SPG Seats
Buddy Club Seat Rails
Amerex 2.5lb Fire Extinguisher x 2
Autopower 4pt Race Rollbar
G-Force Camlock SFI 6pt Harnesses

STI Limited Front Lip
STI Badging Removed
Headlight Blackouts
40% Front Tint
20% Rear Tint
LED License Plate/Daytime Running Lights
Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk painted White
Rolled/Pulled/Cut Fenders
04-05 STI Rear Tail Lights
KS Tech Hood Scoop Block Off Plate
LIC Motorsport Dry Carbon Fender Flares
Custom 6mm splitter with 100mm extension
Kognition Design 71″ Chassis Mount Wing

Arthur would like to thank The Speed Syndicate for all his tire mounting needs and to Dominic and Craig at Maxwell Power for helping him tune the engine.

Keeping It Simple - Ryan’s Legacy on Rota Tarmac 3’s

Owner: Ryan
Car: 2006 Subaru Legacy
Wheels: 18×8 Rota Tarmac 3 - Hyper Silver(5×100/e48/56.1)
Tires: 225/40/18
Suspension: Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs

We all have different tastes when it comes to modifying cars. Some like to put every part there is on the catalog while some prefer the clean OEM look for their cars. Ryan is one of those people who like to keep it simple and says he likes the OEM feel that the Tarmac 3’s give to the car. He also tells us that he likes the fact that these wheels are hubcentric for Subarus. Amazing how a few tasteful mods can make a car look ten times better.

First Look at the new Rota T2R!

Introducing a new wheel style from Rota to kick off the New Year. Based off the popular Tarmac series, the wider, more aggressive T2R is finally introduced. Currently the colors confirmed to be available are gold and hyper black. The available fitments include 5×100 +38 offset for Subarus, late model Toyota Celicas, and Scion tCs and 5×114.3 +20 offset for Evo Xs, Nissan Zs, G coupes, Genesis coupes, and 240SXs. Want to go wide this upcoming spring with a wheel style that no one else on your street has? You guys know the routine for going extra wide on your ride these days. These are scheduled to drop at the end of February, but check for further updates in the near future!

Available for pre-order at $999 shipped.

Please check out our thread on for updates and pics as well!


Legacy GT on 18×8″ Rota Tarmac 3 - Yamaha Black w/ Candy Red Lip

Customer: Andrew Wong
Car: 2006 Subaru Legacy GT
Wheels: Rota Tarmac 3 18×8 +48 - Yamaha Black Candy Tone Red Lip

Sweet like candy. The anodized red lip that is.

New Wheels Added

We just added new wheels to our catalog! These are mainly wheels that fit 2006+ Honda Civics (5×114.3), Acura TLs, 05+ STis, Mazda3, Mazda6, RX8, and more. Got a car that has a 5×114.3 bolt pattern that requires a higher offset? Look no further! We’ve got more stuff for ya.

18×8.5 Rota Grid - Gold (5×114.3/e44/73)

17×7.5 Rota Slipstream - Full Royal Sports Bronze (5×114.3/e45/73)

17×7.5 Rota Slipstream - Gold (5×114.3/e45/73)

18×8 Rota Tarmac 3 - Full Royal Sports Bronze (5×114.3/e48/73)

K-Fed’s Mazda 3 on 18×8″ Rota Tarmac 3 Wheels - Hyper Silver

Customer: Kevin
Car: Mazda3
Wheels: Rota Tarmac 3 18×8 5×114.3 +48 - Hyper Silver

No, it’s not the actual Kevin Federline, once again, it’s just a nickname for our dear friend. His car’s now on a set of 5×114.3 Tarmac 3’s in hyper silver.

Wheel Details

Daniel’s Evo 9 on 18×9 Rota SVN Wheels - Hyper Black

Owner: Daniel Smektala
Car: Mitsubishi Evo 9
Wheels: Rota SVN, 18×9 +30 - Hyper Black

Daniel’s Tarmac Black Evo IX is featuring a set of 18×9 Rota SVN’s in hyper black. Hyper black on black is usually a color combo that a lot of people like.

Evo IX on 18x9 Rota SVN

Evo IX on 18x9 Rota SVN

Evo IX on 18x9 Rota SVN

Wheel Details